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Meredith College Announces New Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program

By Cailyn Whitman, ’18

Meredith College Announces New Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program

By Cailyn Whitman, '18

As of Fall 2021, Meredith College is offering a post-baccalaureate licensure in the arts. This new program offers an A-Level license in K-12 art, dance, or theatre to anyone who has an appropriate undergraduate degree or completed a formal review by the designated departments.

While the program is ideal for residency teachers who are already teaching art, dance, or theatre, it could also benefit those interested in obtaining their initial license before they start teaching.

Department heads spearheading the program believe the new program will provide alumnae and other college graduates with a highly-requested solution to pursuing licensure. The Department of Education receives many inquiries about licensure-only programs for candidates who either did not pursue teaching licensure as an undergraduate or already have a teaching position and need to complete a licensure program. By leveraging professional studies courses from Meredith’s Master of Arts in Teaching program and adapting existing arts education methods courses, this new offering provides both of these kinds of prospective students with an ideal pathway to licensure.

In addition to benefiting students, this new offering results in the College being designated as an Educator Preparatory Program (EPP) for art, dance, and theatre in North Carolina. Completing an approved EPP program is a state requirement for becoming a fully licensed teacher, so this designation elevates the credibility and reputation of Meredith’s programs.

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