Making an Impact

Two donors at the philanthropy gala giving a speech.

By Emily Parker

The Meredith Society Gala on March 21, 2024, honored donors who have shown continued support of Meredith College through lifetime giving. The Meredith Society was established to recognize and express gratitude to those donors who have distinguished themselves by their generous support of the College through their ongoing and significant gifts.

Alumnae hold signs and are dressed in meredith gear on giving day.

At 11:40 p.m. on February 24, 2024, Giving Day history was made as last year’s total of $1,349,106 was surpassed. During the 24 hour Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day, the College raised $1,427,462 and exceeded its $1.1 million fundraising goal by more than $300,000. A total of 2,747 donors contributed to the campaign. Initially, a total of $1,419,575 was raised, but additional cash gifts were counted from the day that were not given on the Giving Day website.

Will Your Class Win Meredith Mayhem?

Alumnae, Meredith Mayhem is happening now! This competition between classes runs through June 30. Meredith Mayhem is about class participation rather than the money raised per class. All gifts made this fiscal year are already included in your class total. The classes with the most donors in each decade will win the competition.

Weekly updates have been sent to all alumnae to track their class performance and class gift agents receive updates to share with their classes. Leaderboards are refreshed daily on the Meredith Mayhem website. See where your class stands today!

Designate Your Gift

No matter where you designate your gift, every donation made during Meredith Mayhem supports our students and counts toward your class participation. 

Not sure what fund to give to?

Meredith’s Greatest Needs fund is essential to the financial health of the College and must be renewed each year. These funds support the College’s immediate needs like scholarships, community-based learning, study abroad, academic departments, faculty development, campus grounds and facilities, and presidential priorities. These funds provide flexibility for the College to prepare, react, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. 

Take a moment today to support your class during this Meredith Mayhem competition. Annual gifts from alumnae like you keep Meredith College Going Strong!

Godwin Retires After 23 Years of Service

By Emily Parker

Cindy Godwin, ʼ74, associate vice president of institutional advancement, retired on April 1, 2024, after 23 years of service. Her dedication to raising funds, cultivating relationships, and her sheer joy in helping her alma mater grow stronger are appreciated by her staff, all members of Institutional Advancement, and the campus community.

Godwin smiling framed by pillars of a walkway.

Going far, going strong –
for generations

A corner of Johnson Hall against a blue sky.

More than 130 years ago, Meredith College opened with just over 200 women. Today, we’re a nationally-ranked community of thousands going far and going strong – together. As we carry our work forward into the future, we want to share an alumnae resource that can help you care for yourself, your loved ones, and your community for years to come.

Meredith College has partnered with FreeWill – a secure, online estate planning resource where you can make a plan to protect what matters most in as little as 20 minutes and at no personal cost. This self-guided platform walks you through the will-writing process and allows you to include an optional legacy donation to support the next generation of students.

Visit to learn more and get started today!

Support Meredith

Johnson Hall.

Gifts to Meredith College make a difference to the entire Meredith community and keep our students going strong!

Visit to learn ways you can support Meredith. Make a gift that addresses the College’s greatest needs, select a more specific way to make an immediate impact on the College, make a long-term, endowed gift, or a gift through your will or trust.

Also, see when future alumnae events are happening or how you can volunteer. Connect with other alumnae and students through the Meredith Mentors program and support alumnae through the Alumnae Business Directory.

Visit to stay connected and reach out to an Institutional Advancement staff member to assist you if you have questions. To make a gift, visit