Events and Announcements

Summer 2024

An iris during summer.

Save the Dates

The Office of Alumnae Relations has many upcoming events and trips scheduled for alumnae and friends! More information about each of these events and trips will be made available as the dates get closer. In the meantime, please save these upcoming dates on your calendar.

Move-in Day and Welcome to the Class of 2028
August 17, 2024

Cornhuskin’ and Homecoming
November 2, 2024

MC in NYC Alumnae and Friends Trip
November 22 – 24, 2024

Alumnae Reunion Weekend
May 16 – 18, 2025
All alumnae are invited to attend Alumnae Reunion

Classic Lodges and Parks of the West
July 9 – 18, 2025

A variety of cups and bags you can buy from the Meredith Market.

Shop the Meredith Market!

Explore our curated collection of new products, ranging from must-have Meredith apparel and accessories to home or office decor, at Whether you’re treating yourself or seeking the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered.

To order online, please visit:

Meredith Mentors logo.

Have You Joined Meredith Mentors?

​​Meredith Mentors is an online platform that fosters relationships between members of the Meredith community. Are you trying to connect with graduates who are in your field? Are you looking to launch a new career or business or thinking about returning to school and needing some advice or guidance? Meredith Mentors may just be the tool you need. 

Meredith Mentors supports the personal and professional development of current students and alumnae/i. To date, there are 2,000 users on the platform representing 24 states, the District of Columbia, nine countries, and 58 industries or career fields. 

Are you interested in supporting students in their professional development? Current students are also invited to join Meredith Mentors, which gives them access to alumnae/i willing to offer career advice, internships, and more. 

With over 24,000 alumnae/i around the globe, the Meredith College network is STRONG! 

Join today! To register and begin exploring the community for your own development or to support the development of others within the Meredith community, please visit

Alumnae owned business sticker in front of johnson hall.

Alumnae Business Directory

The Office of Alumnae Relations is seeking to provide the Meredith community with a list of STRONG alumnae business owners from all over the country in a wide variety of industries. We hope this resource will encourage networking and provide support for alumnae-owned businesses.

Visit the directory to add your business or search for an Alumnae Owned Business near you!

Meredith College Ring

Need to Order a Class Ring? Repair a Ring?

In March 2024, Meredith College began a new partnership with Balfour & Co. to produce the College class rings, graduation products, and regalia. Founded in 1913, Balfour is well known for its long and successful history in delivering exceptional quality products that last a lifetime. Balfour is the leader within the industry and manages nearly 75% of all ring programs for colleges and universities.

Students and alumnae can expect artisan craftsmanship and excellent customer service from both the company and our campus representative.

With this new partnership, there will be no changes to the design of our treasured onyx ring.

Purchase a Meredith College ring from Balfour & Co.

Rings purchased from Jostens, up until April 2024, will continue to be serviced by Jostens. To reach the Jostens Customer Care Service Center, call 1-800-854-7464.

Should you have questions about the Meredith College Class Ring Program, contact Hilary Allen, ʼ01, at or (919) 760-8751.

A Meredith College license plate.

Show Your Pride with a Meredith License Plate

Do you have a Meredith license plate?

A Meredith license plate is a great way for North Carolina drivers to show their Meredith pride wherever they go and to promote the College to future angels. 

It is easy to order and a portion of the fees come back to Meredith.

Order your tag today at Follow the instructions and log into your DMV account to find the Meredith license plate.