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Greg and Jan Kinslaw with their daughter Taylor Kinlaw Boyette.

Meredith Parents and Families Continue to Support the College

By Emily Parker

Meredith Parents and Families Continue to Support the College

By Emily Parker

Greg and Jan Kinlaw saw the excitement on their daughter’s face when she stepped out of the car on her first visit to Meredith College. Their daughter Taylor Kinlaw Boyette, ’18, knew she had found her college home and did not have to look anywhere else.

Boyette wanted to attend a smaller college where she could get to know her professors and classmates rather than get lost in a big university.

The Kinlaws saw their daughter thrive during her years at Meredith College. It provided her with a strong sense of community as she formed lasting friendships with students and professors. Participation in the internship program provided Taylor the opportunity to enter the workforce immediately, which delighted her mother and father. 

“She gained confidence in her abilities and has excelled in every aspect of her life,” said her mother. “From the first day on campus, to the Senior Parents Night Dinner that we attended, we have watched our daughter go from a typical teenager who matured into a smart, well-rounded young woman who is ready to take on the business world.”

During their daughter’s time at Meredith, the Kinlaws became active in the Parents and Families Council. Even though Taylor graduated four years ago, they continue to give each year to the Parents and Families Fund.

“It was natural for us to participate. Being a part of the Parents and Families Council allowed us to work on projects that enhance each student’s experience at Meredith, such as the renovation of the new exercise facility and gatehouse. Helping with these and other projects has made a difference in the lives of Meredith students now and will in the future,” said Jan.

The Kinlaws have always been passionate about community service and helping others through both time and monetary commitments.

“We are very grateful to Meredith, and we continue to give because we feel our gifts will help other students have the same positive experience that was provided to our daughter,” said Greg. “We enjoy seeing our gifts used to make Meredith an even stronger educational institution and to make a difference in the lives of the students who attend.”

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