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Ebony Haywood.

Ebony Haywood

Alumna Starts Small Business Encouraging Affirmations for Children

By Taylor Sexton

Ebony Haywood

Alumna Starts Small Business
Encouraging Affirmations for Children

By Taylor Sexton

E bony Haywood, ’06, balances her full-time job as vice president of people and culture at LearnPlatform with being a single mom, and now she’s added a small business to the mix.

Haywood’s business, The Affirmed Kid, features flashcards with affirmations that parents, family, friends, and teachers can use with their children. 

Since her daughter was born, Haywood began practicing affirmations on flashcards with her. It’s important to Haywood that she creates a space where her daughter is surrounded by positivity and believes she is smart, kind, beautiful, amazing, and special. 

“I think it came out of the need of being a woman and recognizing some of the challenges with being affirmed,” said Haywood. “Just recognizing spaces where I wasn’t affirmed and wanting to actually provide that for my daughter.”

Haywood realized the affirmation flashcards could serve as an important resource for other parents as well. 

A dark skinned child holding a sign that says "I can do anything".

“Parents are always looking for resources,” she said. “And if there’s a small way for me to be able to provide a resource for parents and families to use to affirm their kids, then I’m happy to do it.” 

For years now, Haywood has wanted to start a business. She constantly came up with business ideas but never had the time to pursue them. That was until she found some time in the middle of changing jobs. Soon after in July 2021, The Affirmed Kid officially launched online.

“2021 was a big shift year for me. I went through a divorce in 2020. I didn’t feel like I was professionally where I wanted to be. And so 2021 brought a new chapter of change. A new job, starting a business, and navigating life differently for my daughter and me.”

Haywood said her favorite part about owning a small business has been the excitement and appreciation from customers.

“Seeing families posting videos of their kids doing the affirmations in the morning has brought me so much joy,” she said.

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