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The President’s Column

Investing in Our Future: Promoting Health and Wellness at Meredith College

The President’s Column

Portrait of President Jo Allen Meredith College is known for its liberal arts foundations and varied programs of study along with strong professional programs in business, education, engineering, social work, criminology, and more. What Meredith is not as well known for is its strength in the studies of and programming support for healthcare and well-being, more commonly associated with institutions featuring nursing, medical, dental, and other health-targeted studies.

Nonetheless, with health-focused academic programs such as nutrition, science, exercise and sports science, education/autism, psychology, social work, child development, public health, and the pre-health post-baccalaureate certificate, we are already offering exceptional academic preparation for careers in healthcare – and exceptional preparation for graduate professional studies in medicine, psychology, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and more.

In addition to the Science and Mathematics building that led the way toward STEM excellence over a decade ago, with our new and enhanced facilities (the Lowery Fitness Center, renovated nutrition lab, and a new building opening spring 2022 that will house the exercise & sports science major along with athletics and communication), Meredith is poised to show off its thriving programs that are health- and well-being related.

 This emphasis builds on our strong reputation and focus in our strategic plan to support health and well-being in all its forms for students and employees. As just a sampling of our programming in addition to the academic initiatives, we offer physical and mental health services, disabilities services, and the chaplaincy. And our students and employees are eager to offer and participate in initiatives directed at their own health, through employee wellness programming such as Working on Wellness (WOW) with classes in yoga, general conditioning, and more. Meredith offers employee benefits that focus on smoking cessation, stress management, reduction of technology use and impacts, and more. In addition to these offerings, Meredith also provides time off to employees to engage in healthy activities and encourages student organizations to participate in volunteer activities focusing on the care of the community as they work on their own healthy choices.

And, of course, students and employees work on their strengths through StrongPoints® and professional development, teaching them how to build on strengths and, thus, build resilience and reduce stress, factors we know will enhance a healthy body and mind.

Our new iteration of the strategic plan will focus more specifically on these programs and ways we can grow stronger through program enhancements and recruiting new generations of students eager to make a difference in their own health as well as the health and well-being of others. 

Thanks to our partners who are eager to participate in this powerful focus. Be well.


President Jo Allen, ’80