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A group photo of students at SAS.

Meredith Business Students Visit SAS

By Gaye Hill

Meredith Business Students Visit SAS

By Gaye Hill

Members of Meredith’s Broyhill Business Fellows paid a visit to SAS, a leading developer of analytics software, during the spring semester. The students enjoyed a tour of the SAS campus, the opportunity to learn from and interact with a panel of SAS employees, and lunch.

Associate Professor of Marketing Lisa Monahan worked with Sarah Cate Niles, associate talent acquisition coordinator at SAS, to arrange the visit.

“I was presented with the opportunity to host the Broyhills and was overjoyed,” said Niles. “I created the itinerary and reached out to individuals I knew would forge a genuine connection with the group.”

The panel speakers included young professionals employed at SAS, a member of the Early Career Talent Acquisition team, and Chief Human Resource Officer and Meredith Alumna Jenn Mann.

Having recently graduated from college herself, Niles said she sees great benefits for students in visits like this to corporations.

“The students were able to ask thoughtful questions in both a professional setting (the panel) and a casual setting (lunch),” she said. “Additionally, the students could begin to picture their work life after college and ask themselves ‘What did I like about this place?’ and ‘Could I picture myself working here?’” 

Broyhill President Machaela Murrell, ’24, said her favorite part of the visit was hearing from three young women who held various roles at SAS.

“They all had different stories of how they ended up at SAS but they all spoke highly about the collaborative and supportive environment,” said Murrell.

SAS recognizes that building our relationships with universities means building our future,”

Another Broyhill member, Lizbeth Burgos de Pena, ’24, agreed.

“My favorite part of the SAS visit had to be the panel of three strong individuals,” she said. “Getting to hear about their career journeys was very interesting and educational. I loved that they all differed in departments and length of time at SAS.”

Murrell took some valuable lessons from the panelists, who encouraged the students to network and connect with professionals while still in college.

“That resonated with me because there are so many valuable relationships I’ve made with people here at Meredith who are some of my biggest cheerleaders and have helped develop me into the student that I am today,” said Murrell.

Both Murrell and Burgos de Pena said they intend to pursue potential internships and/or employment at SAS after their visit. 

“I already had SAS in mind as a possible company to apply to work for after graduation but I was hesitant because I know it is a competitive process and I wasn’t sure if I even stood a chance,” said Murrell. “But after getting to know people there, I definitely feel more confident that there could be a space for me at SAS. Networking with people who already worked there was a great experience.” 

Burgos de Pena observed the panelists expressed genuine positive feelings toward their work environment and community.

“This experience added another company I aim to apply to for an internship or a full-time offer,” she said. “It shows where hard work and effort can take you.”

Niles said the organization has always prioritized connecting with students.

“SAS recognizes that building our relationships with universities means building our future,” she said. “My colleagues and I were very impressed with the engagement and insightfulness we saw from the Broyhill Business Fellows, and so appreciated their paying us a visit.”

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