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Tylena Brown in a yellow shirt smiling.

Tylena Brown, ’22

From the Marines to Meredith College

By Melyssa Allen

Tylena Brown, ’22

From the Marines to Meredith College

By Cailyn Whitman, '18

S erving in the U.S. Marine Corps helped Tylena Brown, ’22, refine her professional interests and attending Meredith College helped her identify her strengths. Now she’s on her way to a career in human resources.

Like many students, Brown went straight to college after high school but she says she didn’t yet know what she wanted to do with her life.

“After about a year of just taking electives and not getting inspired, I decided to join the Marine Corps, just to let somebody else drive the bus and see where it leads me, you know?,” Brown said.

As a Marine, she traveled the world, gained experiences, and found that she is good at the skills needed to work in human resources.

“I feel passionate about it. I want to work in the recruitment area doing training and development,” Brown said. “I’ll be making sure I’m placing the right people in the right job.”

Being in the Marines also helped Brown solidify her career plan.

“My experience in the Marines helped me get straight to the point. There’s no gray area. There’s no lollygagging,” Brown said. “Now I know exactly what I want. I feel secure in my decision to do human resources.”

With renewed focus, she applied to Meredith’s Wings – Adult Education program.

“I chose Meredith all the way from Japan because I was looking for a small, intimate setting. The fact that it offered human resources was a plus, but I wanted to be a part of something,” she said. “I wanted to feel like I mattered. I wanted my professors to know me. I wanted to make friends and I just didn’t want to be in a huge sea of students.”

Now she is earning a degree in business administration with a human resources concentration. In addition to her academic achievements, Brown has been active in student organizations, including being treasurer of the Meredith Student Veterans Association and a member of Angels for the Environment. She also serves as WINGS president and as a Wings/Transfer adviser.

Taking part in Meredith traditions was also something she made time to do.

“I feel like you should get the whole college experience. When I’m talking to Wings students or transfer students I let them know, just don’t come to get your education, get involved,” Brown said. “Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. You don’t know if you don’t try.”

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